Big news at Advanced Hypnosis!

Ok everyone!


As many of you know I have returned from Louisiana, having gained a few pounds from all of that cajun cooking!  No matter what I tried, I couldn’t seem to shake it.


However, when I was speaking to my daughter, a chiropractor with a nutritional practice, she let me know about a fantastic weight loss product that she had introduced to her practice.  She had not found anything that worked so well and so quickly in nearly 10 years of practice!  The product is actually a combination of two supplements – that take only a minute a day to take.  They work to balance blood glucose levels and reduce inflammation levels so that the body naturally releases the weight it’s been storing.  When these two factors are regulated, people experience a lot of other benefits too – including increased energy, lower cholesterol, less IBS, less joint pain, etc.  It is truly a unique and incredible supplement.


It is all natural, and doesn’t involve shakes, meal replacements, crazy diets, calorie counting, etc.  You literally take a packet of the pink drink crystals and mix them into a bottle of water and take 1-2 fat loss accelerator pills.  Due to your glucose being regulated, your insulin doesn’t spike, you don’t crave your nemesis foods, and you feel full much faster.  Drinking ‘pink’ makes it so much easier to make healthy food choices. 


This has been hugely successful with Miranda’s patients, and I have become an authorized distributor here in Canada.  I just wanted to share this information with all of my friends and clients, because I know how many of us struggle with those extra pounds and those health challenges that just don’t go away on their own. 


There is so much more that I’d like to say in this email, but I want to keep it short since I know you are busy, so call me or email me and I will be happy to share my information with you.  I’ve been drinking pink myself for 4 weeks now, and I’ve lost 5 lbs and taken 2 and ½ inches from my waist and 1 and ½ inches from my hips.  I’ve got friends and clients that have lost 15 lbs in just a few weeks.  My son in law, Dr. Todd is down 20 pounds in less than 6 weeks, and his blood sugar went from the 120’s (pre-diabetic) to the 90’s (completely normal). My daughter just posted on facebook this weekend that after 20 years Dr. Todd has also stopped snoring! So Dr. Miranda is doubly happy!


This is easy, affordable, and so simple -that even the busiest person can add it to their routine.  I have a few trial kits left for sale from my last order if you are interested, they are only $13.  Contact me quickly on those if you are interested though, because I tend to run out quickly and won’t get more in until late August.


Call me anytime!

Linda Kinsey

Advanced Hypnosis Center of Collingwood