Sports Performance Hypnosis


The Winners Mentality consist of 5 Essential Mental Skills that, when integrated, enable you to turn your potential into performance and to ensure that your success is enduring. All self-improvement programs utilize one or more of the 5 Essential Mental Skills in some way. However, there are three distinctive components that separate the Winner’s Mentality System from the others. These traits create a synergy that is unique and empowering.

  • First, when used individually, each of the 5 Essential Mental Skills can be a life-changing instrument. When you integrate them, however, you create a powerful synergy that makes the results even more dramatic and potent.
  • Next, you will be introduced to feelization, the addition of vivid emotions to your visualizations. This will empower the process and accelerate results.
  • Finally there is the addition of energy as a component of the Winner’s Mentality. It is the proper use of energy that can cause your future to be filled with enduring success.

The 5 Essential Mental Skills are Goal Setting, Visualization, Energy Management, Effective Thinking and Mental Toughness.

  1. Goal Setting is the art and science of setting targets for achievement. Proper goal setting can improve performance, relieve boredom and increase self-motivation and self-confidence. In the Winner’s Mentality System, you will learn to set – and realize – personal, family and professional goals.
  2. Visualization is the ability to create and recreate images in your mind. Visualization gives your goals form and stimulates you to achieve your goals. Visualization allows you to see success as you prepare for a performance, competition, or your future in general. Once you achieve competency in a physical or mental skill, you can maintain and improve through visualization.
  3. Energy Management is the effective usage of your energy. By learning to recognize, cultivate and replenish your energy, you will learn how to effectively manage stress and maximize your vitality.
  4. Effective Thinking is the ability to use your mind deliberately. Effective thinking includes the ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, to compartmentalize, and to be a breakthrough thinker. The only part of your life that you have absolute control over is your thoughts.
  5. Mental Toughness is having the persistence and resilience of a winner. Re-focusing and re-concentrating are important mental toughness techniques. These techniques are key to the effective management of emotions and energy. Mental toughness also includes accepting responsibility and accountability for actions and their results, both successes and failures. The benefits of mental toughness include confidence and maintaining control of your life.


The 5 Essential Mental Skills build upon one another. They can be learned by anyone. Competency is all that is required. Competency in the 5 Essential Mental Skills requires three cognitive behavioural states: awareness, mindfulness, and the ability to train your brain.

The Winner’s Mentality Program is offerered through a series of 6 sessions. Anyone who desires to improve not only their chosen sports performance, but also other areas of their lives, will benefit from this training. If you are willing to identify your issues and apply the 5 Essential Mental Skills to them you can enhance your performance and improve any area of your life.

Linda Kinsey, CHt, is a certified Sports Performance Hypnotist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Her trainer and the developer of the 5 Mental Skills Training Program is Bob Reese, MA, ATC, Educator, who served over 25 years as the Head Athletic Coach in the NFL.