What is Hypnosis

How Hypnosis Works

CourageAll people function on at least two levels of awareness, the conscious and the subconscious. These two levels of awareness are complementary and operate simultaneously. The conscious mind is the analytical mind; the seat of our critical faculty that filters and analyzes incoming ideas to determine their true content for us. The subconscious is the part of our mind of which we are generally unaware. It automatically controls most of our activities, our emotions, feelings, sensations and habits. In comparison to the conscious level of the mind, the subconscious has very limited reasoning capabilities. It believes what it is told and proceeds to act upon it as if it were true. When the analytic conscious mind is inactive (i.e. in hypnosis) and is not filtering incoming ideas, acceptable suggestions bypass the conscious mind and register upon the subconscious as true. Believing the idea, the subconscious acts spontaneously and automatically through the brain and nervous system to fulfill the suggested idea in thought and action.

In our early childhood years, ideas reach the subconscious without being filtered through the critical faculty. Later, in adulthood, personal difficulties can arise from false, misleading or harmful ideas subconsciously accepted as true. Whatever has been subconsciously accepted as truth becomes the critical faculty’s basis for judging all other future incoming ideas. Information to the contrary is rejected or ignored, while data that supports pre-existing subconsciously held beliefs is recognized and accepted. That is why it is seldom possible to modify deeply held subconscious beliefs by appeals to conscious reason and logic alone.

Harmful and false ideas subconsciously accepted as true can result in problems that occur in life repeatedly, affecting health, happiness and levels of accomplishment, often without the person consciously recognizing what is causing the problem.

Hypnosis induces a temporary passivity of the critical faculty to allow suggestions to bypass it and go directly to the subconscious. That said, hypnosis is not the only way ideas can bypass the critical faculty to reach and influence the subconscious. The critical faculty of the conscious mind goes into abeyance during moments of strong emotion, confusion, physical pain, trauma and unconsciousness. Hypnosis is a safe, rapid and highly effective way to locate and permanently remove the negative subconscious programming that is causing suffering and artificial limitations.

During hypnosis, the conscious mind’s filtering chatter is temporarily rendered inactive, and your desired suggestions are given directly to the sub-conscious mind. This bypasses the conscious minds’ critical faculty (its ability to accept or reject information) and registers directly upon the sub-conscious mind as “the truth”. Believing the concept or idea, the sub-conscious mind then reacts automatically in thought and action to manifest your desires.