You Hold the Key to Controlling Your Life

SuccessHypnosis is a relaxed, highly focused state of mind. It is a slowing-down in your brain wave activity, to a level where you are more receptive to positive suggestions. For anyone that fears the idea of hypnosis, think about the idea that you slip in and out of light hypnotic states a number of times each day; while engrossed in a book or an enjoyable television show, while driving, daydreaming, meditating, praying, and of course when you are falling asleep each night and awakening in the morning. The brain is no stranger to the reality of hypnosis. We all experience hypnosis several times a day and aren’t even aware of it.

Now you have an opportunity to not only be aware of the state of hypnosis, but to induce it. You control the desires and outcome with your intention. You hold the key to unlock the mysteries of your mind and control the way the balance of your life unfolds.

In my practice, I regularly help people modify a variety of behavioural patterns: