Success Stories

“Linda, I wanted to tak this time to thank you for all your help in my continuing successful career.  You made things much easier and with all your hard work and skill, made some of my obstacles more than a little easier to overcome.  We set a goal when we first started but we obtained so much more. Thank you so much!”


Alliston – April 2013


“I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the great work you did with me. I am managing my stress levels much better as a result of our hypnosis sessions and my insomnia is gone. I really appreciate your extensive research and how you tailored each session to target my specific problems. I must say I was sceptical of this process in the beginning but am now a true believer. I would, and do, highly recommend your services with the utmost of confidence. Thanks!”



“After an injury over a year ago, I was feeling frustrated and depressed with my weight gain. I knew there were things that I needed to change in my life, but always felt that by making those changes I was making a sacrifice. I always found a way to sabotage or ruin my best laid plans. I was a little nervous but very excited for my first session, and left feeling motivated and excited about the new path I was making for myself on the road to happiness and well being. Prior to my sessions, I used to consume 3 alcoholic drinks per day, and after my first session I did not consume 3 drinks all week! I continued my scheduled sessions and within one month to the day of my first appointment, I had lost 11 lbs! I had renewed confidence in myself, and that I would be able to obtain the goals I had set for myself. I would highly recommend Advanced Hynosis to anyone that wants to feel in control and gain confidence in themselves and what they want to do and be in life.”



My daily cravings for chocolate and sweets became out of control.  After only one session with Linda, those cravings literally ceased. I now can even enjoy sweets in moderation – something I was unable to do in the past. I would encourage anyone to try hypnotism with Linda. Far from taking your control away, it serves to strengthen and enable your resolve.

Town of the Blue Mountains


“I Smoked for almost 20 years, tried quitting twice yet failed. The dependence on smoking was very demoralizing and strained me mentally, never mind my health and the sheer monthly cost.

A friend mentioned to me the use of hypnotherapy and that she had heard they got good results. This was enough for me as l was at my wits end. Not as prepared to quit as my previous efforts, l decided to try it anyway and called to book my appointment. After leaving my very first session, l cannot believe the results. Zero withdrawal, no urges or cravings, literally the easiest thing l have ever done, quite unbelievable. l have my life back, feel better and couldn’t be happier. More people need to know about this and l would recommend this to everyone. Thanks Linda”.


Alan – Wasaga Beach, 2013